Eyebrow Bootcamp

So I've never been one to do much regarding my eyebrows.  I usually just pluck them myself and that's about it.  I recently visited Melinda, the eyebrow guru at Stella Nova, and she was not impressed with my tweezing job or my lack of a more natural fuller brow so she suggested I let her "get my brows in shape."  Being that she was the expert, had perfect brows and skin, I agreed.  She then threaded my brows to clean them up which I actually have done before but never at this level.   She definitely knew what she was doing and did it in record time meaning less pain:)  I had to leave promising her I would not touch my brows which you ladies know is a challenge especially when you have a magnifying glass for a makeup mirror and visit her again in exactly 3 weeks.  I promised hopeful that I would have perfect brows for my reward.

Threading is the ancient method of hair removal originating in the eastern world.  It has gained more popularity in the US recently because it is less abrasive than waxing but more efficient than tweezing hair by hair.  It involves a cotton thread that is run over hair and plucks the hair at a follicle level. You may have seen this unique process on a recent episode of Bethenny Ever After where she treated her friend foodie blogger to some eyebrow bootcamp.  I so love her!  She's so brutally honest which is always refreshing.

I encourage you to try something new and get your eyebrows in shape.  A little maintenance really does define your eyes and compliment your face shape and overall expression.  Hopefully you will find an Eyebrow Guru near you!

A little eyebrow inspiration from the Beautiful B.

Beaucoup D'Amour,

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