Tips for Tuesday~Products

I got a sample of this Benefit They're Real Mascara and I am obsessed!

As a total Mascara Junkie I can say this is one of my favorites.  Check out this before and after shot..

Not my eyes BTW:)
It makes your lashes super thick and long without being clumpy at all.  Give it a try if you love thick black lashes like me!

If you are a blonde, hair powder needs to be your BFF.  My favorite is Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo.

Dry Shampoo is great to use if you don't want to wash your hair everyday or you need some extra boost at the roots.  I sprinkle a little bit of this into my hands, flip my head over into the sink and rub into my roots.  It just soaks up any oil you may have (more common w/blondes w/fine hair) and helps make styling your hair on day 2 after a wash much easier.  It also comes in a spray but I've noticed the actual powder lasts me much longer.  I just buy the travel size for $10 bucks!  

My new favorite lip balm is Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer

I'm not a lipstick person at all so a balm that adds a little color is perfect for me!  I also love the minty flavor of it.  My favorite colors are Peony (soft peach), Rhubbarb (coral), Watermelon (pink), and Raisin (plum). 

I'm dying to try the Suave Morrocan Infusion Products

From what I have heard they smell and work just as good as the regular Moroccan Oil products at a fraction of the cost!  There is a shampoo, conditioner, mask and oil.  As soon as I run out of my regular Moroccan Oil products I am going to try these.  My hair and wallet would be very happy:)

Tyler Candles smell amazing!

I love the smell of Gardenias in my home so I picked up the Tyler Candle in French Market and now my entire home smells so good!  I feel like these put off more fragrance than any other candle I've tried and I love how big the jars are so they last forever.

I am super sun sensitive and am outside all the time so come spring/summer I have to wear a SPF daily.  I picked up this Aveeno Active Naturals Daily Moisturizer with SPF15 and I love it (for the body not the face)!

It doesn't really have a scent which is nice so you don't smell like sunscreen all day and it's very moisturizing.  Protect yourself!

Beaucoup D'Amour,

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