Ready to Run..

In January I knocked a 21K off my bucket list and ran my first half marathon!  It was an awesome experience.

What was not so fun is the damage I did to my knees after all that training and pounding on the pavement for hours.  I decided to take a couple months off and in March I decided to try something different with my runs.  It's really working out well for me so I wanted to share..

This quote is so true and relatable for me.  After the race and all the pain in my joints I thought I was DONE with running, however, I started to realize how much I really missed it.  Something about running and zoning out for a little bit just really does it for me.  It clears my head and leaves me feeling good and happy (as long as I have great music:) 

I decided to focus more on sprinting rather than running long distance at a slower pace.  If you look at sprinters bodies vs. long distance runners bodies, it's kinda obvious which one is more appealing.

See what I mean?  So..this is what I do...I run HARD for about 1-2 minutes then I walk for a couple minutes.  I don't exactly time myself so this is just a guesstimate.  Sometimes I run hard longer and sometimes I just walk for little longer.  I just go with what feels good.  I continue to do this for at least 45 minutes-1 hour.  It ends up averaging out to around 1 mile every 10 minutes for me.  Since March I've lost 5 pounds and I definitely contribute it to this because my diet has been pretty consistent not to mention by joints don't hurt anymore!  

I'm very lucky in that I live in downtown Charleston so the scenery is always changing and beautiful.  I don't think I've ever taken the same route twice.  I just go where the wind takes me and that makes it so much more enjoyable.  If you can run outside, I definitely recommend it.  Here are some of my favorite pics from my many runs..

I try to stop and take it all in every time.  Living in the moment is the BEST place to be and running gets me there.  I hope I encourage you to try something new and RUN!

Beaucoup D'Amour, 

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