Want it Wednesday~Hair Tools

I definitely have my go to hair styling tools that make my life a hell of a lot easier!  My hair is really long and I do NOT like to dry it (I usually just air dry) so I gotta have the right tools that make it easy to get the job done.

Here are my faves..

When I do actually dry my hair, this is my baby.  Only $35 bucks, the BEST.  Gets the job done FAST!  

I love these rollers because they are a BIG size so I get a lot of volume and less curl.  They really just curl my hair under.  Make sure to take a section of hair and take the roller all the way to the end of hair and then roll it up into your head.  I do this all over my head and use all 20 rollers.  

Here's what it looks like after..

This are not the exact rollers I have but pretty similar.  What you really want is to make sure you are getting different sizes.  I use the larger ones on top and the smaller ones on the side and underneath.  The smaller the sections, the more curls you get.  I try and use up all 20 rollers.  I always smooth out the top then tousle the bottom with my fingers.  The easiest and best way to get amazing curls.

Here's how it turns out…

Sometimes on the weekends, I 'll put this beach spray in my hair..

I  dry my hair using the diffuser that came with my dyer after it air drys a bit...

My hair ends up looking something like this…


So there's the secret to getting great hair with great tools in an instant with little to no damage!

Beaucoup D'Amour,

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