Want it Wednesday~Leopard Print Scarf

If there is one thing I can't live without~it's my leopard print scarf.  I swear it goes with everything and just makes me very happy:)  I don't think I ever take the thing off in the Fall and Winter and I just can't wait to put it on again this year!  The leopard print seems to always pull an outfit together especially if you are mixing brown and black (think tan boots and black leggings) or just trying to jazz any outfit up a bit.  You could wear a plain t-shirt and jeans with a leopard print scarf and look FABULOUS!

As I always say, leopard print is a classic as well as a neutral.  You can wear it with anything and everything so go ahead and make this simple addition to you wardrobe..you'll be so glad you did!

A STEAL from my friend's new mobile boutique available in cream/black or tan/black

A little cashmere luxury for a lucky gal

A pop of wine~love this color for Fall

Echo makes great quality scarves.  This one comes in 2 fun colors

Be sure and check out your local TJ Maxx as well~they always have TONS:)

Beaucoup D'Amour,

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