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Who's ready for a little sunshine and bikini season?  This girl for sure! With that in mind, I ordered my first suit for the season.  I've had an obsession with Marysia Swim for some time now.  She makes the highest quality most beautiful suits ever that fit amazing!  I finally pulled the trigger and ordered my first Marysia suit and I'm obsessed!

FYI~Get 15% off this bikini from Intermix if you sign up for their emails.  It's that easy and worth it!

This is what it looks like on

Adorable right?  This is the exclusive Red Antibes Bikini by Marysia for Everything But Water.  I had a hard time deciding between this one and the pink one from Intermix.  Pink won, obvi. 

The pink is much brighter than the picture shows.  It's truly a hot pink and I love it.  Now I know what you're thinking..$260 for a bikini, that's crazy!  I totally agree with you, however, if you live in a bikini as much as I do in the summer time you're suit is gonna get a lot of wear.  You almost have to think about it like you're buying a new outfit.  An outfit that is going to be worth the investment because you are going to wear it week after week year after year.  This is a suit that is gonna see some mileage but the quality is there which is obviously reflected in the price.  It's worth it, promise!

Here are some of her other styles I love...

FYI~you can get $50 off this bikini right now at Bloomies if you sign up for their loyalist program.  It's free! You enter your loyalist number at the very end of checkout where you pay.  This only lasts until March 23rd so hurry!

All above styles and more available on the Marysia website.

Oh and you can't leave out the little ones!  Too cute.

Beaucoup D'Amour,

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