The Hair Strengthening Program

The question I get the most is, "How did you grow your hair so long?"  The answer is, "Don't cut it!"  It really is that simple, however, there are definitely some products and techniques that can help you along the way which I have appropriately named, "The Hair Strengthening Program," somewhat jokingly one night with my sister, but I promise you it works!  This all began when I hopped on the Victoria Beckham famous bob bandwagon, big mistake!  I hated it!  The blowdrying everyday, the flat ironing, etc..I am actually a low maintenance kind of girl when it comes to my hair.  You probably think I'm kind of crazy since my hair is like 3 feet long but it's so true.  Longer hair really is easier.  So this is how the program goes:

1)  Start taking Pre-Natal Vitamins.  Pre-Natal vitamins are actually highly recommended for all women in their reproductive stages of life.  They include Folic Acid, Iron, Calcium, Biotin (This is the most important vitamin for hair growth btw), and DHA (an omega 3 fatty acid).  Your doctor can prescribe you one, like Prenate DHA which is what I take, or you can buy over the counter, doesn't really matter, just start taking them now once a day.

2)  Deep Condition your hair.  This has become one of my favorite things to do and I actually indulge in my masks about two to three times a week.  I've tried them all and I highly recommend either the budget friendly $4 Aussie 3 Minute Miracle, I actually stole this product tip from the famous celebrity hair stylist Rita Hazan.  My other favorite is the luxurious Davines Nourishing Mask.  Both are wonderful and will get the job done.  Just slather it on after you shampoo and either leave on for a few minutes and rinse or for even more deep conditioning, leave in and throw your hair up in a microfiber hair towel and sleep on it.  Get ready to wake up to the softest hair ever!  Seriously, you will love!

3)  Morrocan Oil.  You've already seen it everywhere, I cannot be more obsessed with this product line.  Put the oil on your hair when it is wet and your hair will dry smoother and shinier than ever.  Be sure and use the light if you have fine or blonde hair and the regular for thicker coarse hair.  I can go either way since my hair is so thick but a little goes a long way!  Their other products like the shampoo, conditioner, styling cream, and hairspray are among my favorite hair products out there, not only because they smell like heaven but also because they are cost efficient for the amount you have to use.  Keep in mind that most hair products from the pharmacy, etc. have alcohol in them that strip your hair of it's color and oils that you need to help it grow.  Just use good quality hair products and it will pay off big time!

4)  Lay off the bad heat!  When it comes to caring for your mane, there's good heat and bad heat.  Good heat is in the form of velcro or velvet and anything else that is gentle and creates a barrier between the device and your hair.  Bad heat is metal curling irons and flat irons.  Consistently putting these devices and high heat on your hair will just damage it and make it frizzy.  I never ever blow dry my hair!  I always let it air dry.  If it's a possibility for you, then do it.  By far, the best thing you can do for your mane!  If you must use heat, which I do sometimes, use velvet hot rollers, velcro rollers, or a round boar bristle brush to style.  All are gentle enough on your hair and will not increase breakage which increases you needing to get trims which decreases growth...BAD!  So I know it's tough but give your hair a break from the bad heat for a while and your hair will be so thankful and grow in appreciation.

5)  Use the right brush.  I like a boar bristle brush the best because it is so gentle on your hair, however, I get a lot of tangles when I get out of the shower so I must use a deep conditioning spray and comb it out first.  No matter what you do, just be very gentle.  I read once to treat your hair like it's a piece of fine lace.  Think of this when you brush out your hair and it will get stronger each day.

6)  Don't cut it!  There is this rule that you must trim your hair every 6-12 weeks but everyone wonders why their hair won't grow?  Hello!  Because you are cutting off the growth that you have made over those past couple of months.  If you follow all of the rules above, I promise you will not have to trim your hair as much.  I aim for every 6-8 months, a tiny amount comes off the ends, and that's it!  I have to have layers in my hair because it is so thick and we may trim those more often but that is not changing the overall length of my hair.  This one is the toughest, but once you get past that rough patch, your good to go and will be so happy with your results!

Check out my progress pics (sorry, it's hard to find good pics of the back of your head!)

The Beginning Bob:

6 Months of Program:

After Year 1:

After 2 Years:

I hope you all are inspired and will go out and grow you some, "Long, Beautiful, Hair!!"

Beaucoup D'Amour,


  1. The site looks great, Megan! Where do you get moroccan oil? Looking forward to following you more!

  2. Hey Lou-Dawg! Thanks so much! You can actually purchase the Morocan Oil here in Mt. Pleasant at Stella Nova or online at Stay tuned...

  3. When do you squeeze in your shower? If I shower in the morning my hair takes forever to air dry and then it is incredibly wavy (what to do with THAT?). At night, after the gym, I just dive in bed after my shower so I wake up with a crazy mane! Love "The Program"! I donated my hair Feb 14 2010 and its taking forever to grow back!

  4. I shower in the evenings and I too get wavy hair in the am but I love it! Be sure and put in some styling creme on your wet hair before you get in bed, like the morrocan oil, and that helps control the frizz. If it's not looking too great, I'll throw it up in some rollers (gonna be posting that one soon) or put it back in a ponytail. Good for you donating your hair, it will grow back in no time!!