Shop Your Closet~Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday of the year!  I've always loved to dress up but sadly the older I get the less time I have to plan my costume so I thought I could dig in my own closet and see what I could come up with...

"I ain't saying she a gold digger…but she ain't messin with no broke broke.."  
Here is my costume for tonight!  I'm so excited because I love gold and have plenty of it in my closet to pull this together.  I just bought a fake hard hat and plastic shovel and am spray painting them both metallic gold. 

Wonder Woman is a Classic!  Pull together a red top, black or navy shorts or skirt and gold shoes.  Go out and grab a black wig from a costume shop and gold cuffs and belt from Claires.  Be sure and rock the red lip!  

This is a super easy one to do.  Pick out your favorite LBD and spice it up with some black cat ears from the costume shop and maybe a black half-mask, some super high black pumps or over the knee boots and you've got a sassy little costume for the night!

Clark Kent can be for the gals too!  Try Target or Wal-Mart for the tee and Claires for the fake glasses and fedora.  

Who doesn't love some Betty Boop!  Try a sexy little dress in red or black, head out to the costume shop for a black curly wig and fishnets and then make yourself up with a red lip and super lined eyes.

Obviously you can go a million different directions with this one but I think the Platinum Blonde wig with the Hair Bow is crucial plus a huge pair of black shades.  For the rest, just shop you own closet for the most over the top items and put them all together while piling on the jewelry.  This is a fun one!
If you have as much leopard print in your closet as me, this should be easy!  Go out to grab the ears and tail and your good to go.

Find your most flowy and drapey dress and strappy sandals plus lots of gold jewels.  You can go out and find a headpiece whether it's Ivy or a Gold Crown, you will be gorgeous!

Yee-Haw!  We all have a plaid shirt, jeans and boots.  Grab a cowgirl hat and your set.

You must have a "flapper" like dress in your closet.  You will definitely need some fishnets, long gloves and a bobbed curly wig.  Throw a feather in you hair and shake all night long!

Throw on your favorite little white number and go out to get your platinum wig like Marilyn and rock a red lip while being dipped in faux diamonds from Claires.  


Beaucoup D'Amour, 

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