Tennis Anyone?

I have been playing a lot of tennis lately and have my first official singles match tonight with my 3.5 Women's League.  I'm a little nervous and went out and hit a million serves last night to make sure I'm extra ready! I'm definitely competitive by nature but I also like to just have fun with it.  That's why it's a hobby after all.  I've made a list of my top must haves for staying stylish and on point on the court.  You will always be a winner with these items….

This is my new tennis racquet and I love it!  It just came out this year and was designed especially for Maria Shirapova, who I actually got to see play at the US Open this year.  It is super light weight and gives you a lot of control and power.  Definitely a Game Changer

All the stylish women on the courts are toting their racquets in backpacks these days.  I still have the old school big tennis bag, which I love because it was a gift from the hubby, but have my eyes on this cute pack which can be monogrammed and comes in several different prints.  

I love wearing tennis dresses!  They are so cute and the most comfortable clothing for the court.  I find all of mine at TJ Maxx and Marshalls.  You can also find brand new ones for a fraction of the cost on Ebay by searching for Stella McCartney for Adidas or Nike Tennis Dresses.  Make sure to get a couple pairs of the little biker shorts to wear underneath.  I've found black ones at TJ Maxx.

I always keep a long sleeved Dri-Fit Shirt in my bag in case it gets cool out.  Dri-Fit is my favorite because it wicks away the sweat and stays dry.  Again, I search TJ Maxx and Marshalls for mine but you can find one like above at Nordstrom.

I like a stylish Nike Tennis Shoe for the courts.  Just make sure they do not have dark bottoms so they won't mark up the court and have excellent support since you are moving and sliding around so much.  Tennis can be super tough on the toes so always go quality and cute of course with your shoes.  These fun yellow ones can be purchased at Nordstrom.

I also keep a Nike Dri-Fit Hat in My Bag to throw on if it gets too sunny.  It's hard to play and see in sunglasses so a good hat option is always necessary.

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  1. Awe, my dream of being a stay at home mom, wearing only my tennis dresses:) Ha! Love this post. I want to get back into tennis just for that cute bag!