Tender Loving Care ~4~ UnderWear

I have a system for washing my delicate items that includes a little TLC which gives them a much longer life and keeps them in great shape!  I wanted to show you how to do the same…

~What you need~

Large Mesh Bags 

Always wash your lingerie and intimate apparel separate from everything else on delicate cycle.  Fill the mesh bags with your lingerie, hosiery and bras and then lay out flat to dry.  This method will keep everything from getting tangled and keeps all your nice things looking extra nice!

We all know these delicate items cost a pretty penny so giving them a little extra care is well worth the effort.  On that note..here are some of my faves:

Hanky Panky Low Rise Thongs are all I wear...They are really that comfortable!

Spanx Bra-llelujah=Amazing!  It's stretchy on the back and clasps in the front.  So perfect for everyday all day wear because it's so comfortable!  I have both black and nude and am obsessed!

Another Spanx Must Have are the Tight-End Tights.  Again, so comfortable yet they suck you all in so you always look amazing in your dresses which is a major plus and they come in a huge selection of colors, patterns and even reversible shades!

The Sheltini is such a must!  I wear my nude one constantly under dresses.  Especially those silk or sweater ones where you need a slip but one with a shorter hem length.  This line is perfection plus they come in three different styles and many colors. 

Top Secret Double Agent Bra.  This entire line of wireless bras are the best things ever..Wireless is the key to being comfortable!  I wear them under everything especially when you need something under a tank top and don't want to wear a camisole.  You will love!

Gotta love a Victoria's Secret Push-Up Bra.  I love the Dream Angels collection.  They really are a "dream" if you aren't so gifted in the busty department if you know what I mean:)

~Shopping List~
For the Spanx Items and Top Secret Bra:
Buy at my fave II Brunettes

Beaucoup D'Amour,

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