I'm back after a long and relaxing Christmas Break!  It was so wonderful to spend time with all of my family and friends for the holidays.  I got in a lot of good quality family time, ate and drank my way into 5 extra pounds and had many many laughs.  I guess I was a good girl this year because Santa Claus paid me a special visit. I racked up in the gift department and have already started using my fun goodies…
I wanted to share a couple things that got marked off my Wish List and my thoughts on each.

No words.  Just obsessed obviously!  I've already ordered my new Iphone Monogrammed Case from Etsy and am thinking on an Ipad case to see if I need a keyboard or not.

Here's some examples of the prints and monograms she can do.

I'm convinced these two high tech gadgets will take my work, blogging and pictures to a whole new level!  I'm already in love with Instagram...Here are a few of my favorite shots over the Christmas Break.
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Celebrating the Holidays with Friends..My Favorite Gold Jacket made another Glitzy Appearance.
Hilarious Pic of My Brother in Law and I sporting a Wolf Hat and Throw from Alaska.
Wolf is always "In" when it's 30 Below!
Connor and I with our sweet little Christmas baby and favorite niece Louisa.

The Best thing that every happened to my Morning.  This one is so cool with the touch screen and I love that you can buy these little K-Cups in the Grocery Store in so many flavors…Vanilla is already my fave.

Isn't it pretty?  Who knew I would love a Coffee Maker so much!

Heaven on My Feet.  Will be looking forward to slipping these babies on each night.  My husband is so jealous of the amazing comfort that we must get him a pair too!

I love the rubber sole on these so you can wear them outside.

~Ame and Lulu Tennis Backpack~

I will be stylin on the courts this spring with this super special bag.

I love anything with Greek Key and a Monogram.

~I felt so blessed this year in so many ways…more than I can say.  My husband and I are so fortunate that we are able to travel to visit our loved ones and spend this time with our friends and family.  We love to give and of course receive:) but mostly just feel lucky that we can.  I try my best to stay grounded and remember the reason for the season and just enjoy all the love.  We are surrounded by lots of love and felt it more than ever this year~

Beaucoup D'Amour,

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