Workin on My Wish List...

I've been talking about it for months!  This would be so handy and light to throw in my bag everyday for work as apposed to my heavier laptop.  

I am now a Coffee Addict thanks to always being on the go so I brew 4 cups in my big pot every morning.  This would just make my life a little easier.

I lost both pairs of my nice sunglasses this year so I can't wait to get a pair from Nicole Richie's line.  Doesn't she always look so chic in her shades?

My husband is so over my Forever 21 leopard slippers.  They are not cute so these would be a little toned down and so nice to slip on…

My favorite fall and winter candle.  It makes the whole house smell yummy.

I've been eyeing these beauties for months at II Brunettes.  Would love to have a longer one to layer with my short Jennifer Zeuner initial Necklace also from II Brunettes.

I have a black fur vest that was handed down to me from my mom that I wear constantly!  I would love to have one that's more "my color" to throw on over everything..fur makes it all better as you can see below modeled at II Brunettes.

Because I live in my Uggs in the winter but only around the house and for errands, I would love some that are more stylish to wear when I'm out and about.  These are great because they can be worn to the knee or rolled down as ankle booties plus I'm always in heels and these are rubber so they would be super comfortable.  Not to mention the Shearling lining…Love!

I live in these every night.  My husband actually likes them because they are cute and girly.  They are so soft and comfortable, I could have hundreds of these sweat suits!

Perfection.  Love the classic shape, color and size.

I always wear my leopard print scarf.  Would love some color to change it up a bit and give animal print a little break.  See below and available at II Brunettes.

My signature scent.  Soap and Water, so fresh and so clean!

Love these unique pieces.  Gives you the look of silver in a more modern way.  No polishing required..thank you!

I need an updated and stylish bag for the courts.

So what's on your wish list this Christmas?

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Beaucoup D'Amour,

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