Charleston Fashion Week 2012

So this past weekend wrapped up Charleston Fashion Week 2012 and my fabulous friends and I enjoyed the Finale show on Saturday night.

Fashion week in Charleston continues to get bigger and bigger with an Emerging Designer competition, a Top Model competition and Judges who come in from all over including celebrities to editors at major fashion's quite the event!  The week includes shows from all the local boutiques as well as Emerging Designer contestants who were chosen out of hundreds to show their lines (similar to Project Runway) with a chance to win money towards their line and an opportunity to break into the challenging fashion industry.  Here are a couple of the emerging designers from earlier in the week I'm so sad I missed.

Jessica Patricia Krupa..because I'm obsessed with Swimwear.
How Fabulous is this?

Bob and Kris Galmarini..because I'm obsessed with Toddlers in Combat Boots and Glasses.
How adorable is this?

Before the show everyone gathers in the"tents" sipping cocktails, gossiping about each other's outfits, taking photos on the red carpet and browsing the local vendors items for sale…. Last year I scored two pairs of earrings from a local designer that are still my all time favorites so I was on the lookout this year for something similar…
I came home with these beauties from Heather Hawkins
 I've been on the hunt for some gold earrings with chain detail and these were just perfect (the pic does not do them justice. they are a beautiful smokey topaz).  I got to talking with Heather, who is the cutest little blonde, she lives in L.A. but went to College of Charleston and is moving back here soon.  Her python handbags and stingray cuffs are to dye for!  Definitely on my wish list.  Can't wait to have her goods right here in town soon.
Check them out..I'm beyond In Love!

The runway shows of the night were fabulous!  I'll admit most of the fashion was completely unwearable but each collection really seemed to tell a story. Each emerging designer showed a true work of art and that's something I can appreciate, not necessarily wear, but appreciate.  Here was the big winner…

Hannah Goff

That's her on the right.  Just a cute little girl from Savannah, Georgia, Love it!  
I'm sure we will be seeing her at NYC Fashion week real soon.

Here was my Fashion Week crew..
We had a couple girls ask if we were wearing a collection
(notice the coordinating color blocking we had going on:)

My response was "Yes, a beautiful collection from TJ Maxx, Urban Outfitters and Forever 21."
At least my gals know how to shop on a dime..I taught them well!

And Last but not Least, My all time favorite person of our crew…

Adam Printz Everybody.

He was definitely "In It to Win It" Saturday night and made a Major Statement which I love!
 It even got him featured on the Charleston Magazine Website but he's still not giving up where he got the blue gators!

Beaucoup D'Amour,

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