Thursday Tutorial~Hot Rollers

Sorry Everyone! The video works now;)

After several requests for video tutorials on Hair and Makeup and several failed attempts on my part, I think I finally figured it out!  What I get asked the most is how I get my's so easy!  I swear by hot rollers.  The velvet kind so they won't damage your hair.  
Here are the tools you will need:

~Boar Bristle Brush~

 It's gentle on your hair while brushing out those tangles.


It's lightweight and smells so good!

~Hot Rollers~
I love them because they are velvet so it protects your hair from the heat.  I use the clippies that come with these to hold my curlers but if yours come with roller pins, those are fine too.

~Curling Iron~
The Hot Tools Curling Irons are the Best! 
Anywhere between 1 and 1 1/2 inches will work.

~To Begin~

Plug in your rollers and curling iron and make sure they heat up good about 15 minutes.  Section off the front portion of your hair..just on the top or the crown section.  Mainly just those pieces that fall around your face or your "Bangs".  I do not like to roll these small pieces up in curlers because they will not lay right.  Just use a small clip to pin them up while you roll the rest of your hair like I did in the video.  

~Watch and Learn~

Happy Rolling!

Please let me know if you found this video helpful and I will continue them.  I promise to improve my camera skills:)

Beaucoup D'amour,


  1. Love it Megs! I'm totally motivated now!
    PS your arms look fantastic! Go Crossfit!

    1. Yay Becks! You can totally do it and your hair will look so pretty. Beats the curling iron any day. Thanks so much! I can't straighten them out right now b/c I'm so sore so I'm glad it's paying off:)