Must Have Monday~Lulu Lemon

Okay Ladies, I had heard all the buzz about Lulu Lemon workout gear for the longest time and honestly I didn't get it.  $60 Bucks for a workout top..come on!  Well, I had to pop in the new store that opened up on King Street in Charleston and decided I'd try on a couple things to see what all the hype was about.  Let's just say I was amazed with what I found!  These are not workout clothes, they are more like shapewear because everything you try on lifts, tuck and supports to give you the best looking body ever!  Most of the tops have built in bras and even have the option of adding pads ( for those of you like me needing a little extra ooomph) so they are really comfortable and I love not having to wear a sports bra underneath.  I swear this top I got was like I had on a push up bra underneath it.  It looks so good on! 

Zippy Run Tank
The other item I was obsessed with is their Shorts.  I'm not sure how to explain these and what makes them so special but the fit is perfection.  They are so comfortable with the elastic waistband and are not too fitted but are just short enough to be super flattering.  They also have a little zipper pocket in the back which I love for a key.  Definitely my new favorite shorts…they are adorable on.

Run: Speed Short
I also have heard amazing things about their yoga pants although I did not try these on.  I'm not a yoga girl and only wear pants in the winter to the gym so maybe I'll get these after the summer.  I was told these things perform magic and suck everything up to give you the best looking rear in the room!  If that's not a reason enough to buy these things, I don't know what is!

Wunder Under Crop

I loved the store experience too!  The staff was super helpful and all seemed extra happy and peppy in their amazing lulu lemon gear.  I'm totally sold.  

Beaucoup D'Amour,

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  1. I've been wanting to try them out too, but like you, I can't get past the fact at how expensive it is. It would be hard for me to sweat in and be on nasty gym equipment in something I paid $80 for. But...I've heard it will change how you think about workout I need to get my butt there and try it on too.