Thursday Tutorial~Pretty Pony

Some days all I can do is throw my hair up in a pony but I still want it to look pretty…that's where this tutorial came to my rescue via Love Meagan, a favorite blog of mine.  

~I swear Meagan is my long lost sister!  I love all of her ideas and tutorials~

Ponytails were the deal at Spring 2012 Fashion Week.  Here's a peek..

Elie Saab
Monique Luhillier
Jason Wu

~Here's a look at Meagan's Pretty Pony~

~Here's a Look at Mine~

It's a work in progress:)  I need to pull more hair from the top to wrap around my pony and tease the top section more to give the style some volume on top.

Beaucoup D'Amour,


  1. Super cute! I wish I had hair to put in a cute pony tail. My pony tail nowadays is pretty pathetic with my short hair.