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I am a long time devotee to Moroccan Oil products for my hair.  You may remember the Blog Post I wrote a while back titled Generic Moroccan Oil.  I've used their Shampoo/Conditioner, Oil, Curl Cream, Glimmer Spray and Hairspray for a while now.  I love how soft it makes my hair and I'm addicted to the scent.  I'm constantly getting compliments on how good I smell and I swear it's my hair!  So I was super excited to see they came out with a Body Line of amazing products all with that signature Moroccan Oil scent that is so yummy.
~Body Souffle'~
A Mix of Argan Oil and Shea Butter
~Body Buff~
Natural Orange Peel Exfoliator with a blend of argan oil,vitamin E, avocado, grape seed and almond oil
~Intense Hydrating Treatment~
A soothing oil for the driest of skin
~Hand Cream~
A highly concentrated cream of argan oil, shea and cocoa butters
~Cleansing Bar~
Argan oil and shea butter

I'm planning on picking up the cleansing bar and body souffle' myself.  The products are sold locally in Charleston at Stella Nova and you can find them at Blue Mercury (they ship) or any luxury spa/salon.  

If you remember my previous post on Moroccan Oil, I mentioned there is a generic "cvs" version of Moroccan Oil available and many of you told me later that you absolutely loved these products! Well of course there is a generic version of the Moroccan Oil body products.  You can find these at any drugstore or Target.  Just remember they will not have that signature scent of the real Moroccan Oil but I'm sure they work just as great at a fraction of the cost!

~Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Body Wash, Body Lotion and Body Oil~

Beaucoup D'Amour, 

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  1. Moroccan Oil is one of the best product for hair.i would refer my friends and relatives to use it and in most of the Hair Salon they used as main product for treatment