Must Have Monday~Emi-Jay

If you haven't jumped on the Emi-Jay hair tie bandwagon, come on!  You are missing out on giving your hair the ultimate damage free accessory.  

Emi-Jay hair ties and headbands are made from super soft and stretchy material that has been hand dyed and knotted.  They do not leave a dent in your hair plus they are super cute around your wrist when off duty.  Best of all, these were created by two adorable teens from L.A. and they have taken off everywhere with the help of many magazines and celebrities' stylists. They donate a large portion of their proceeds to Locks of Love and other Charities.

Julianne and Emily

So check out their website for an endless color selection of hair ties and headbands (perfect for the gym) and order some today!  Your hair will be glad you did :)

Beaucoup D'Amour,


  1. I live by these! They are also pretty on your wrist. People always ask me about my "interesting bracelets!"