Fashionable Friday~Hits and Misses

So I've always been a girl.  I pretty much check it everyday.  I know it's kinda sad but I love knowing what's going on in the celebrity world and especially love seeing what they are all wearing!  I often get inspired by their outfit choices to premiers and parties.  I've noticed some major hits and misses this week.  Check it out…

~Major Hits~

So Chic!  And doesn't she have a little baby?  Amazing.
Always love Cam. 
Love the high neck cut of this dress, so flattering. 
Little Black Dresses are my fave.
Loving Leather.  I have a jacket, pants and skirt and I want to wear them all now.   Halle is a bombshell!
Ok Jen always looks so good but her guy really knows how to wear a tux.   Together they look so classic and stunning! 

Black and White Combo is always a good idea.  I so want this dress in a short version.
Nicole always rocks some sort of vintage look.  This is perfection on her.
And this Rosie girl model/actress is simply unbelievable.  She always looks absolutely gorgeous and so put together to the point I'm not sure if she's even real!
I mean, I need this dress!  Can't wait to watch the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on December 4th!  Always my motivation to get skinny in the winter:)
~Major Misses~

Um, no.  This is not ok.  Ever.
Poor Brittany.  I wish a stylist (wardrobe and hair) would get a hold of her.
This is not working.  Especially the top knot.  I feel bad because Demi is really growing on me. 
She is so cute!  Why would someone do this to her?
Major Disappointment of the Week!  I love Khloe but this is not a good look and she has to be the worst TV host I have ever seen (she is the new X Factor host).  Come back funny Khloe please!!
Most unflattering dress and booties ever.
What happened to Mischa Barton?  And why does she have a Marijuana leaf on her head?

Ok, not trying to be mean but celebs pay big bucks for stylists so there is no excuse!  I think the important thing is to always dress yourself in what is:

~Your Style~

I love trends but I don't think they are not super important to keep up with.  You can still build a classic wardrobe with fun pieces.  When I think classic, I don't necessarily think only black and boring.  I think about what fashion was in the 70's, 80's and 90's and is still considered fashion today.  Those are the pieces that will last a lifetime!  Like Fur, leather, Stripes and Boots.  Look at Nicole Richie's dress above.  It's probably from the 70's and is still beautiful today.  That to me is classic.

Buying more "classic" pieces is definitely something I've had to learn over the years.  I've also had to learn what works on my body and what does not.  Listen to people…When you hear someone say, "You look amazing in that dress!"  Why did they say that? Was it the color?  Was it the style of dress?  Look at pictures.  It's easy to look back at a pic and say "Ooh that red lip and red dress was not working for me." or "Wow.  I need to start wearing lipstick more often!"  I think it's so important to listen, look and learn.  Look for inspiration..Like me looking at and seeing what all the celebs are wearing:)  You can really discover what you like and evolve your style and own it.  Once you own it, you will be more confident and confidence is everything!

Look at Jennifer Aniston for example.  She doesn't stray much away from Black and Classic pieces..but that's her!  She's obviously owning it and you can never say anything bad about the way she looks.  I'll just end on Jen.

~Happy Weekend~

Beaucoup D'Amour, 

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