Thursday Tutorial~Bronze Smokey Eye

My all time favorite shade of smokey eye is Bronze.  It's not as harsh as a grey or black smokey eye especially if you have lighter eyes, hair and brows.  I came across this tutorial on my favorite blog, The Beauty Department, and it's exactly what I do for my smoked out bronzed eye plus it features just the right products to make this look last all night!

Check it out…

This is the easiest way to make your eye shadow last all night. Because if you just use cream shadow, it will most likely travel and end up in your crease. And if you just use powder shadow, it will probably dissipate from your own eyelid oils and fade as the night goes on. But something magical happens when you put the two of them together! Here’s how:
Your favorite cream shadow — we used my assistant Sophia’s (who kindly modeled for me today) go-to Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in Busy Signal.

Your favorite powder shadow — we used Stila Mineral Eye Shadow in Twig.

An eye shadow brush — try this classic must-have from Bobbi Brown.

Apply the cream shadow all over lid, crease and lower lash line.

Layer the powder shadow on top of the cream shadow. Make sure to give the brush a quick tap on a counter top to lose any excess powder that could make it go on less evenly.

~Get Inspired by these Bronzed Beauties~

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  1. I love your blog but lately it seems like you have really given up on original content and taken to simply reposting items from a blog most of your followers probably already follow. Please consider doing more personal style/diet/beauty posts. I love your more personal older posts and would love to see Whats in my bag, What do I eat, A day in the life, and My Favorite Products posts.

    1. Thanks for following the blog!! I appreciate your feedback and will definitely keep that in mind.

    2. Re-reading my comment I realize it sounds very snide. I did not mean it to sound so snarky at all, but you handled it with a lot of class and grace. I love your personal style! Looking forward to new posts as always!

    3. Oh not at all! I love your honesty:) Thanks so much!