Thursday Tutorial~Naturally Curly Hair

I watched this hair tutorial on  LoveMaegan's Blog a while back.  Maegan has insanely gorgeous hair and I absolutely loved the result of "naturally curly" looking locks so I decided to try it out to share with you.   Check it out…

So what she didn't explain is the process of making the little buns.  I waited until my hair was like 80-90% dry then I took small sections starting at the front and twisted them back (away from my face) and then rolled them around and up to create a little twisty bun.  I then secured the base of the bun with my Emi-Jay hair ties.  If you don't have soft hair ties like Emi-Jay's, just use a bobbi pin or two.  

The thing about these buns is you can do as many or as few as you want.  More will create a tighter curly look and less will create a looser curly look, it's up to you. 

What is important is the placement of the buns for two reasons:

  1)  You want to place the buns in places where you would take a curling iron and curl your hair back and away from your face.  Meaning, you don't want to just place them randomly on top of your head.  You are creating the curls here so think about where you part your hair and how you want the curls to fall. 

2)  You are going to be sleeping in these buns so think about laying your head down on the pillow and keeping the buns away from the back of your head as much as possible.  This is easier to do the longer your hair is because you can just put them up higher or out of the way on the side of your head.  

Sleep in the buns, wake up, shower, do your makeup, etc..then take out your buns and work them out and loosen up the curls.  I then set mine with Moroccan Oil Hairspray and this was my final result…

I absolutely LOVE the "I have naturally curly hair" look.  I've always wanted curly hair.  Like they always say, you want what you can't have.  Well not anymore!

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Beaucoup D'Amour,

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