Bring on the Bangs

I decided to make a major change to my hair without chopping it off or changing the color dramatically (two things I have sworn off) by adding bangs.  I was inspired by these pictures of Brigitte Bardot..

I love her look with dramatic black eyeliner and her hair always pulled up halfway.  

If you haven't noticed, bangs are everywhere in Hollywood.  Jessica Biel, Taylor Swift, Rachel Zoe and Beyonce are al rocking some Fringe right about now…

I also noticed a whole lotta fringe on the models for Fall Fashion Week 2013...

Marc Jacobs
Rachel Zoe
~How to Cut~
When getting your bangs cut, make sure you tell your stylist they need to start at the crown of your head and come out in a V shape.  You don't want them to be too thin or too wide.  Start them from way back (your crown) to ensure they will be thick enough and only go as wide as the ends of your brows.  It's up to you how long you want them but a good rule of thumb is just below your brows and make sure they are cut dry not wet.  These are going to grow fast so most salons offer free bang trims.

If you are here in Charleston and need an awesome stylist, go see my girl Amber at Allure Salon.  She knows exactly how to cut the fringe perfectly!

~Here is my new Bangin Do~

I couldn't help but compare it to my childhood haircut.  Many people have said I look so young!  I guess that's good thing since I'll be turning the big 3-0 in a couple months :)

The easiest way to style these new bangs is to always start with them sopping wet.  
  • Take a blow dryer and point the nozzle directly at the top of the bangs.  Brush them over the left and dry, then to the right and dry, and keep going back and forth until the are almost 100% dry.  This will get any cal-lick out so they will hang straight down.  
  • Next you are going to want to take a small round brush and dry them under.  Mine are not quite long enough to do this so I just brush them down and dry.  Eventually they will be and I will round brush them and kind of flip them to either side like the picture of Brigitte Bardot above.   
  • I then take my flat iron and start halfway down the bang, not at the top which will make them look greasy, and just barely curl them under as I go down the hair.  You don't want it to be too obvious they are curled under.  This took some practice but I got the hang of it.  You will start at the outer corner of the bangs and do this in small sections all the way around.  

~Now your fringe is styled and you're all set to go with your new super stylish and very 2013 do~

Beaucoup D'Amour,

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