Breaking Down the Blog~Thankful

Yesterday made history for this little blog called Beau Vie.  I had the largest number of page views in the blog's history!  I was shocked and so thankful to have so many amazing readers.  You guys are the ones who encourage me to continue to share and write daily.  I thought this was the perfect opportunity to Break down the Blog and show my Gratitude
~Why did I start a blog?

I was constantly being asked about beauty tips from friends, fashion tips from family, outfit tips from men, interior design tips from colleagues, and on and on all the time!  I was encouraged by friends and family to put all these tips into writing and that's where the blog idea came about.  I am not a writer and I remember feeling very embarrassed about sharing my written words until my friend who is a writer told me to just write exactly how I would speak to a friend.  I try to remember this every time I go to write.  It just feels natural to me to use my own words and not be all grammatically correct, you know?  I hope this makes it easier and more fun for you all to read!   

~Why Beau-Vie?

After I decided I was going to start a blog I had to come up with a title.  I knew I wanted something that was focused on Beauty.  I thought many of the things I was anticipating on sharing were tips and advice for women on how to feel more beautiful and make the most of this life.  That's where Beau Vie came from . It means Beautiful Life in French.  I am so inspired by the beauty of french women and the culture that I've only had the opportunity to read about and see countless pictures of.  French women just exude confidence and beauty.  I wanted that inspiration to drive the meaning of this blog. 

The Beautiful and Very French Brigitte Bardot.  My Constant Inspiration.

~What inspires me to write?

A big inspiration to me is my sister.  She is a natural beauty.  She is not a natural when it comes to products, makeup, clothing, etc..  It's kind of not fair because she always looks beautiful without any makeup and amazing in her classic and simple outfits.  She was always asking me for guidance on how to use products and how to dress and look put together.  It dawned on my that there are so many women out there just like my sister.  These things just do not come natural to you and that's okay!  I absolutely love the moments with my sister when she didn't know how to use a eyelash curler or she thought a concealer pencil was lipliner :)  I am always thinking of my sister when it comes to writing new posts.  What would she want to know?  How detailed does it need to be?  I want to share anything and everything that comes natural to me with those of you who it may not.  New ideas dawn on my daily and I'm constantly inspired.

~Why do I continue to write?

Because of you!  Seriously, I probably hear daily about someone reading my blog and am always getting so much positive feedback and encouragement.  I can also see how many people read my blog daily and I'm always in shock!  It's kind of hard to believe that people are actually taking the time in their day to read my thoughts, tips and advice.  I'm so thankful and appreciative that I'm able to share my passion and have an active audience.  My blog is just my daily passion outlet and I feel super lucky to have interested readers to share that with.  You can show your suppport in the blog world by becoming an official follower (see my followers on the right hand side of this page?  Right above it, click Join this site via Google Friend Connect).  The more followers I have, the more giveaways and fun stuff I can do!  

~Where did this all begin?

I've had a passion for fashion, style, and beauty for as long as I can remember.  I was the girl who dressed herself in crazy outfits for school and wore my mom's makeup and jewelry.  I definitely went through some strange phases in high school and college but began to understand what my style was all about the older I got.  Once I understood that and felt confident, I wanted to share it with the world!  
Just one of my regular outfits I picked out:)  Always playing dress up.

~What does Beaucoup D'Amour Mean?

I've always ended my emails with:
Much Love, 
I wanted to translate that into my very French titled blog and Much Love in French is Beaucoup D'Amour.  I thought it was fitting :)

Thank you so much for spending a little bit out of your day with me and reading along.  I write from the heart and am flattered you all continue to follow me along this beautiful journey!

So TRUE!  No matter what I write about, always remember this quote.

Beaucoup D'Amour, 

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