Fashionable Friday~Perfect Dress

I stumbled upon the perfect little easy breezy high/low maxi dress at Urban Outfitters for only $59 dollars and it comes in 4 perfect colors for Summer.  

The back of the dress is my favorite part.  

I ended up buying this mint color.  Love me some Mint for Summer.  Perfect color with a tan.
Paired with my favorite Marcia Moran earrings from Swank.

The orange was my 2nd favorite

I don't really feel like these are the best pictures of this dress or that they really give it justice so to give you a better idea, the dress really reminded me of these higher end high/low dresses from brands like BCBG and Alexis

Alexis $475

BCBG $200

Beaucoup D'Amour, 

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