Show Me Your MuMu

I have officially fallen in love with the brand Show Me Your Mumu.  The more I learned about this fantastic girly and whimsical brand and the two adorable fun girls behind it, the more I fell in love and I know you will too!  

Show Me Your Mumu all began just a few years ago because of these two ladies and an obsession.  They were obsessed with hitting up vintage stores and searching for "Mumu-Esque" styles of clothes.  Those that were loose, ruffly, girly, flowy, get the point.  Think very 70's long shirts, skirts and dresses belted and worn with booties and lots of jewelry.  They then developed a style.  A style that a million young women, including myself, have grown to LOVE. That style quickly became a dream and shortly after Show Me Your Mumu became a reality and it has taken off!

Let me show you some of their threads and you will see why Show Me Your Mumu is such a hit with the young ladies of today who seek fashion that is fun and flirty with a little bit of a boho feel…

Seriously..I want everything!! The styles, colors, prints, EVERYTHING is just perfect.  Clothes like this just make me so happy when I wear them.  Here is my fave Mumu Mick Slit Skirt I'm wearing constantly these days..

It looks really cute with a black crop top as well since it is higher waisted.  MuMu makes an adorable ruffled one that I have my eye on…

The Best Selection of Show Me Your Mumu is available on their website.  If you are a Charleston local, check our MuMu at II Brunettes and House of Sage.  

Girls~Get Your MuMu on!  These clothes can't help but make you happy:)

Beaucoup D'Amour,

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