Tip for Thursday~Dry Brushing

Dry brushing is exactly what it sounds like~brushing your skin with a brush specially designed to get rid of dead skin cells…without water.  This is a method used by my favorite celebrity dietician and natural beauty expert Kimberly Snyder, creator of The Beauty Detox Solution~everything she does is amazing!  I mean, look at her..she's Gorgeous!
She's also the creator of the Glowing Green Smoothie which has become a morning ritual for many.  In case you missed that blog post..check it out HERE.

Kimberly encourages Dry Brushing to reveal your healthiest most radiant layer of skin by sloughing away dead cells while eliminating toxins and stimulating circulation to help reduce cellulite and bloating.  You dry brush starting at your feet moving the brush in circular motions towards your heart.  You brush your entire body using light but firm strokes..don't brush too hard!  It's normal for your skin to be a bit pink afterwards and you may notice the dead skin shedding away but your skin should not be bright red or sensitive to touch.  This should take you up to 5 minutes to complete and is best done in the morning before your shower.  Make sure to follow up with a good moisturizer and you will have gorgeous glowing skin head to toe in no time!  

Dry Brushes are available at most health food stores including Whole Foods and Earthfare.  Look for one with a longer handle so you can reach your back as well as natural bristles-you don't want synthetic.

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