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I decided it was officially Fall so time to tone down the bright blonde and bring on more low lights except this time I wanted to try something a little different…change it up a bit.  I'm always up for a change as long as it's within the contract made between myself and my amazing stylist.  No Brunette, No Bob, No Bangs.  The contract stands because after many years, many colors and many hairstyles, it's a fact that none of those 3 things work for me…ever.

On the topic of bangs not working..

Baby Bangs~This is a real product that exists.  All you moms out there I know your dying to get fake hair attached to a headband to put on your precious baby!  Seriously, WTF?

I'm sure all of you saw the huge ombre hair trend last year.  It was cool and very dramatic and now that's kind of over.  

I still love the look of ombre because I do think it can look very "natural." Like all of you highlights are just grown out from the summer and your ends are still sun kissed.  It's kind of that beachy feel that I love.  I wanted to do it in more of a subtle way though.  So my expert colorist took my low light color which is actually my natural color~an exact match to the hair underneath that we never color~we only highlight the crown of my head.  She began putting that color on my roots and blending it into the rest of my hair.  She really just kind of painted it on~a method that's all the rage~Balayage.  You don't have to do the millions of foils, etc..it's really a great technique for a subtle ombre look.  

Lauren was my inspiration..

Here's how mine turned out..
(no filters on the pic)

It's very subtle, but it's the perfect October Ombre Transition.  I feel ready for Fall!  

~Here's some Subtle Ombre inspiration for you~

Ok~so don't be afraid to try something new and when you do, especially you local gals, call my girl Amber at Allure.  She is the Color Genius!

Beaucoup D'Amour,

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