Thursday Tutorial~High Pony

I'm a big fan of the high pony and am a repeat offender (by repeat offender I mean I basically wear one every single day for work:)

What can I say, it's by signature work do...So easy!  Not to mention it's Blake Lively's signature do too..

Um..Yes. Perfection.

There are so many ways to wear a ponytail and not look like a mess or that you're not trying.  I've shared a couple of my faves here on the Blog: Pretty Ponytails, Piece-y-Pony and yet again Pretty Pony.  Here is my most recent read that is so simple brought to you by The Beauty Department



So really all they did here to give this pony so major ummph was add ponytail holders.  Start with a thick basic one as tight as you would normally do it then stack 2 more on top (they don't have to be as tight) and there you go!  A new, fun, high and bouncy pony that isn't on your neck.  Looks oh so cute..can't wait to try this one!

Beaucoup D'Amour,

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