Must Have Monday~Equipment Blouse

I had been eyeing this particular Equipment Blouse for a while and then II Brunettes did a 50% off tops sale!  It was my lucky day because I immediately made this purchase and I'm so glad I did.  One of my favorite shirts ever.  

Equipment makes the softest silk shirts ever in such fun prints.  Mine is blush colored with little tiny black hearts on it.  They are really long too so you can tuck them in or wear them out.  I even wear mine with leggings sometimes because they cover your butt.  I love that.  They fit loose, are lightweight and so comfy.

Here are some of my favorite Equipment tops.  They can be a little pricey~around $250~so if you can find them on sale online or I recently saw some at TJ Maxx or even Ebay, that would be a steal!  This shirt is worth the investment! Promise.

~LOVE the solid colors too~

~Celebs LOVE Equipment too~

Beaucoup D'Amour,

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