Dream BB Cream

There has been so much hype this year about BB (Beauty-Balm) creams and how fabulous they are.  As I was moseying through the Target isles~where I always get in trouble buying things I don't need~I stumbled across the Garnier BB Cream.  At only 10 bucks, I thought it was worth a shot.  

Plus this picture was on the box.  I mean..who wouldn't want to try this stuff?

So I went home with the Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream: Combination to Oily Skin, Light/Medium.  I chose this shade because I'm pretty fair and I like to just use a little bronzer to warm me up.  This shade matched perfectly but it is really light.  If you are not fair, you need to go up to the Medium/Deep or even the Deep shade for those of you with darker skin tones.  Also, take note I bought the Matifying one for Oily/Combo Skin.  They also sell the regular BB Cream for Normal/Dry Skin.  This one will probably be more hydrating.  

Here are my before and after pictures.  I was seriously blown away!
As you can see, I have absolutely no makeup on in the before picture.  I have a lot of pink undertones and I can look red and splotchy without makeup.  The after results are amazing to me!  I used just a tiny dab and it gave me such an even, natural and luminous finish.  All I put on for the after shot was the Garnier BB cream, nothing else.  

~This is why I'm Obsessed with Garnier BB Cream~

A little goes a long way!  You only need pea size amount for your entire face and neck. 

You can put it on with your hands.  I love a product I can apply with my hands.  It goes on so even and natural because it gets in every little crease plus you don't get brush strokes.

It has SPF 20 in it.  I never leave the house without sunscreen on my face.

It's mineral based and contains Vitamin C.  I keep finding that my skin responds better to mineral based products causing less breakouts and Vitamin C is a great antioxidant for your skin.

It's matifying.  I have oily/combo skin and it gets very shiny throughout the day.  I mean, super shiny especially with warmer weather.  This kept me shine free all day no touch ups!  I'm sure the regular will be super moisturizing for those of you with normal to dry skin.  

It minimizes pores and evens skin tone.  My skin literally looks flawless with this on but not too made up. That's what I love about it. It looks so natural.

It's like wearing a tinted moisturizer on steroids-lasts longer, better coverage, and more illuminating.

Favorite "foundation" I have ever used.

So get this Garnier Dream BB Cream pronto!  You and your skin will be glowing:)

Beaucoup D'Amour, 

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