The Chop

I was scarred for life after I chopped my hair into a bob, dyed it brown and got bangs a little over 6 years ago.   It was around that time when Katie Holmes cut her hair into that adorable angled bob and every girl in America wanted to recreate that look. 

Well, let's just say it did not work for me.  This was literally the only picture I could find.  I totally deleted any others that were remaining. 

I decided after that scary experience that I would never go bob, brunette or bangs again.  In fact, my stylist and I made a pact.  We have been together ever since and only had one major hiccup when I got bangs last year.  I liked them for a week.  

I was going for Brigitte Bardot but it turned out looking more like I did when I was 3 years old.  Again, epic fail.

So..Long and Blonde has been my go to.  I really can't get too crazy these days.  I love my hair long and I think it's so much easier.  We have my color down to a science where I only have to get highlights about every 3 months with a base break in between.  It's great.  

I decided last week my hair was "taking over my body" as my stylist would say.  It was just too long. I'm not trying to look like a 25 year old "girl from the 70's" anymore.  It was time to make a change but we had to keep our pact in play.  Long and Blonde it had to stay.  So we did a 6 inch chop!

It looks so much better! 

 If you are in Charleston and want the best stylist and don't want to pay traditional Salon prices, you have to visit my girl Amber at Cloud 9 Spa!  She does an amazing job and is an equally amazing person.  

Beaucoup D'Amour,

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