The 1 Year Wardrobe ReSolution Update

So as many of you know, I gave up shopping for 1 full year starting in May.  Well, I lasted almost 90 days.  I know, I know.  That's really bad.  I'm totally kicked off The 1 Year Wardrobe Solution Team, however, I did not walk away from this without learning a LOT about myself and the urge to shop.  I do not look at my experience as a failure but rather a really good lesson.

~Here's what I learned~

The first 30 days are a breeze.  You are in the mindset that it's no big deal.  You don't need anything and it's not that long to go without buying anything. 

The next 60 days are a little tougher.  I attended a fashion show, saw new friends bags, bikinis and shoes and smiled with envy but continued to stay in the mindset that I didn't need anything new.

Over the next 30 days is where I hit my breaking point.  I went to Mexico and had a revaluation that I needed to go home and pretty much get rid of everything in my closest.  It was brought on by a convo I had with my sis and brother in law about my clothes and how so much of what I was wearing was stuff I purchased in my 20's and let's be honest, they looked very much like what a 25 year old girl would wear.  Not that I don't love me some Show me Your MuMu and Free People but in the words of my brother in law, "Try to Think more Stella McCartney and less Forever 21."  I came home and did a complete purge of my closet.  Anything that didn't fit-I had a lot of x-smalls and 2's that I can't wear anymore-and anything that was not nice, a staple or "too young" looking, I got rid of.   I had well over 200 items including clothes, shoes and bags that I was not wearing.  I could not believe the amount of Forever 21 and Target Items I had.  All those little trips and $40 dollars here and there had really added up.  I was shocked.  What was left in my closet were those nicer pieces including Tibi, Cynthia Vincent, Diane Von Furstenberg, Rebecca Taylor and J Crew.  It felt so good to get rid of all that stuff and actually see what was in my closet.  I can now fit all my summer and winter clothes as well as my coats in my closet.  I can't tell you the last time I was able to do this!  I've always had to store winter clothes and coats away while I had my summer stuff out and vice versa.  Such a good feeling.  I decided instead of getting rid of all these items, I would try and consign them.  I found a great place where I take home 65% of the sales so I'm hopeful that this major purge will make me a some money!  The result of this purge was a little bit of a binge.  This is when I lost all my will-power and focus.  I ordered some items that are more classic pieces that I will have and love for a long time.  I will be sharing those on the blog soon!  

My Purge~That's only the half of it

My newly organized closet

Because of this short experience with The 1 Year Wardrobe Solution, my outlook on shopping has completely changed.  I now only want to purchase items that are really special and something I know I will have for a long time.  I also don't plan on doing it too often.  It's really about quality over quantity for me now.  

I totally encourage everyone to try giving up shopping for 30-60-or 90 days. You really don't realize how much you buy or how much stuff you never wear until you do it.  It's truly eye opening!  

I do know I have more than I could every need but I also know I have a true appreciation and love for fashion and the art of getting dressed everyday.  I always will.  I look forward to moving ahead with a new set of eyes and a new state of mind when it comes to what I wear.  I am forever grateful to The 1 Year Wardrobe Solution and what it taught me.  I now have more respect for Christi than ever and how far she's come in her own journey.  It's truly impressive. 

Beaucoup D'Amour, 

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