Black and White

I'm all about some black and white these days.  I like my b&w combo mixed with a little bit of edge kinda like this beautiful home on Bull Street.  It's classic yet edgy and one of my absolute favorite homes in downtown Charleston.  The original aged stone mixed with the "charleston blue" door and gas lanterns is just perfection.    

These Rag&Bone Jeans are probably my favorite jean purchase ever.  For reals ya'll. I had heard once that Rag&Bone skinny jeans will change your life and now I'm a believer.  The comfort of these jeans is on a whole other level. They are super soft with just the right amount of stretch and come up a little bit higher in the back which is so necessary these days.  I went with the knee tears to keep it casual and on trend but these babies come in lots of colors and styles.  Definitely an investment piece but well worth every penny.  They are jeans.  You wear them constantly.  No brainer.   

I'm totally digging the necklace over the shirt, long strap bag and pointy toe shoes look.  This is a look we can thank lots of brilliant bloggers out there for making so popular lately.  I gain so much style inspiration from my fellow bloggers because it's real people, real clothes and more about functionality and less about formality.  This just works.

This Billy Reid White Silk Blouse has been so versatile and well worth the splurge.  It pairs well with just about everything.

All smiles because this look makes me oh so happy.  No belt necessary.  Even better.

photos by Gina Cordoba 

Beaucoup D'Amour, 


  1. Hi! Found you on Charleston Bloggers Facebook :-) Such a cute blog - I look forward to reading more and I am adding you to my Bloglovin'. Super cute jeans - I'd love a pair of Rag & Bone's but I am working to get rid of the baby weight from my 3rd child I had 4 mos ago! LOL
    California To Carolina
    The Gym Bunny

    1. Thanks so much Morgan! You go girl! I think R&B jeans would be a great reward:)