Pretty Pasta

So I have a little bit of a pasta addiction.  I seriously crave it several nights a week which is not good when I'm doing my best to stay gluten and dairy free.  I choose to eat this way because it agrees with by body more internally and externally.  I just look and feel so much better when I stick to it.

The great news is there are so many traditional pasta alternatives like yummy rice noodles-yay!  Love me some rice noodles.  They come in all shapes and sizes but I went with the traditional spaghetti style for this dish.   

I cooked the pasta according to the package instructions while I sautéed some cut up green, yellow and red bell peppers in minced garlic and olive oil.

 After I strained the noodles,  I mixed everything together and added some crushed red pepper ( I always like to spice it up a bit). This dish is so simple and satisfies those pasta cravings while remaining gluten and dairy free.  Winner Winner..Pasta Dinner!   

I discovered this amazing Cappello's Gnocchi made from almond flour in the frozen food section of Earthfare and literally had a mini freakout sesh.  This is my first time seeing gluten free gnocchi and knowing my pasta addiction, you can understand my excitement.  

I cooked the gnocchi according to the package instructions while I heated up some delish Dave's Gourmet Red Heirloom Pasta Sauce.  This stuff tastes so homemade-big chunks of tomatoes in it which is my fave.  I mixed the two together and thew a bunch of basil on top because fresh basil is just the bomb.  This dish was so delish ya'll and again it followed my gluten and dairy free diet. Saweet!  

A glass of vino is always a necessary accompaniment to my pretty pasta and lately I've been enjoying a little Syrah.  

This La Granja Syrah is only $7 bucks at Trader Joes and is just juicy and easy drinkin. The rooster laying the golden egg is what caught my eye of course.

Beaucoup D'Amour, 

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