Oh, how I love Madewell (part of the j.crew group if ya didn't know). Their pieces are so casual, classic and cool.  Perfect for weekend wear and strolling through Georgetown.  I was pretty pumped when I scored these Otis Boots on sale at Madewell in Charleston (everything in stores and online is still 20% off).  I live in boots for half the year so this purchase was a no brainer.  Tan boots go with everything! 

Pretty impressed with my bf's photography here.  He's got skillz...

This Madewell Dress is like a big sweatshirt so it's the most comfy lil thing ever (and on sale)!  I would wear it out and about or snuggled up on the couch.  Very versatile piece that still has structure so you still look put together.

Completed this Madewell look with my favorite Blue Ray Ban Sunnies and vintage LV cross body (was my mom's back in the day).  This picture makes me happy because there is nothing I love more than some football Saturday's ya'll! 

 You must try Angry Orchard Hard Cider if you haven't yet.  Tastiest gluten-free beverage to sip on while watching the games. Makes you feel like you're drinking a beer without being so filling.  Love it.

Beaucoup D'Amour, 

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