Faux Real?

I was diagnosed with Melanoma, the most dangerous type of skin cancer, at the young age of 21.  My doctor explained that one trip to the tanning bed equaled 7 hours in direct sunlight and if my cancer had not been detected when it was, it could have been fatal 6 months to 1 year later.  I learned a valuable lesson about my skin and how I must take better care of it.  Since the scare, I visit my dermatologist every six months and have had many biopsies but no more cancer!  I encourage everyone to be more observant of their skin and protection, visit their dermatologist once a year, and earn your tan from a can!

Since I've been faux tanning over the past 7 years, I've experimented a lot and through the orange, smelly, and streaky I've found my winner: St. Tropez.  The St. Tropez line is infused with conditioning aloe vera and long-lasting color, you'll have a perfectly natural looking, streak-free tan that dries in an instant.  Their innovative Aromaguard fragrance technology eliminates the tell-tale self tan aroma by a minimum of 70% and instead gives a beautiful subtle, yet refreshing fragrance.

Here is my Tanning Regimen:

1)  Use the Bronzing Mousse with the Tanning Mitt or the Bronzing Spray one to two times a week to achieve a good base tan.  I love the bronzing mousse myself and have my husband apply it to my back for me with the mitt.  The mitt is very important to get if you use the bronzing mousse so you don't stain your hands which I've done several times, not cute!  If you don't have an assistant, get the spray so you can apply to your backside yourself no mitt required.  The results are a tan that looks like you've been in Cabo all week.  If you purchase only one tanning product after reading this post, make it this one!

2)  Maintain your beautiful tan with the Gradual Tan Lotion, Gradual Tan Face, and Gradual Tan Spray one to two days a week.  I apply the lotion all over, use the face lotion obviously on my face, and use the spray to get my backside (I stand in my shower to apply mine so I don't make a mess).  This will help you keep that Gorgeous Glow all week long!

3)  On my off days, I like to use a regular lotion and exfoliate.  I like Philosophy Pure Grace lotion because it smells so clean and fresh and Bobbi Brown Scrub because it smells like the beach!  This will ensure you keep smooth skin so you can achieve the optimal tanning results on the days you choose to tan. 

~Rockin my Faux Tan in Turks with my lovely looking assistant~

Beaucoup D'Amour,

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