How to Make a Grand Entrance

I compare the entryway of one's home to a first impression…it says a lot about you and your personality.  I definitely think mine does and wanted to share with you how simple and affordable it can be to spruce up your own!

I chose Sherwin Williams Cay as the color choice for my front door.  This color is what we call "Charleston Blue" because it is painted on the ceilings of porches on all the historic homes downtown.  I knew I wanted to add that special "Charleston" touch to my home to give it some character and this was the perfect place to do it.  I received this nice doormat as a wedding gift but I've seen similar monogrammed mats at Bed Bath and Beyond.  I found the fun pot for my plant at Ross of all places!  I'm always keeping my eyes open for a good deal and this happened to match the color of my door perfectly.  I've seen great pots for plants at HomeGoods as well.  If you haven't hit up your local HomeGoods, you are missing out on a little Gold Mine!  They have amazing pieces for the home but you must check frequently because the good deals get snatched up so quickly!

Come on In!  My husband insisted that we get a Storm Door, which I was not real big on, but now I love it and think it's an absolute must!  It brings in so much light, was an affordable purchase from Lowes, and was super easy for him to install.  I highly recommend it if you don't already have one, the dogs will love it too!

  I knew I wanted to add a fun printed wallpaper to my entryway but was on a tight budget and finding "cheaper" wallpaper is tough!  Wallpaper has made a major comeback and all the high-end home decor stores have catalog after catalog of this stuff ranging anywhere from 150 bucks a roll and up!  So this was not an option, however, I did steal the name of a lady who happens to install wallpaper on a dime from this designer store where I couldn't afford a roll of paper!  After months of searching, I finally found Allen and Roth Wallpaper collection at  Lowes.  The line is extra modern while staying super budget friendly.  I hit the jackpot with The Spanish Tile print at 20 bucks a roll which was an exact replica of the designer paper I had chosen at 150 dollars a roll, what a steal!  I could not have been more excited about this fun and affordable new addition to my entryway.  The beautiful flushed mount crystal chandelier (picture does not do it justice!) is another purchase from Lowes and gave the space an elegant touch and a soft glow.  Again, staying easy on the wallet and on the eyes.  I always get asked where I found this beautiful "antique" lighting fixture, you will be sure to have everyone fooled!

Because I had such a busy pattern on the walls and colorful door, I decided I wanted to keep the rest of the space clean and simple.  I've had this great arbor table since college and it has always made a great entry piece with a wonderful tray (another nice wedding present) on top as a catch all for keys and shades.  You can find a table that is similar at Overstock and the Beatriz Ball tray on sale from Amazon.    I hunted for a "Sunburst" mirror for months and months and when I eyed this 80 dollar beauty in HomeGoods, I literally went running towards it!  There is quite an extensive collection that are similar on Amazon and I think they always make quite a statement.

So get inspired and Make a a Grand Impression to everyone who walks through your Door all while having fun and doing it on a dime!

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