Smart Blondes have More Fun, Time, and Money!

So I've been a blonde for as long as I can remember and as most of you know, it takes a lot of Maintenance keeping our locks looking nice and light.  I've tried every color and every method over the years and I've finally found the coloring routine that works for me saving me hours in the salon and hundreds in my bank account.  

Here are my tips on being a Smart Blonde

How Blonde:  I think it's important to determine what shade of blonde you want to be.  My best advice, something I read once and will never forget, is to look at your old childhood photos and try and stay somewhere close to that.  This is what is going to look the most "natural" and be most complimentary to your skin tone.  Check out how I'm keeping it Real!

Bringin the 80's Back!

Had to throw an updo in there!

Warm or Cool:  You also need to determine if Cool tones or Warm tones compliment you best.  Cool tones are purple, silver, blue, and grey.  You most likely have a fairer complexion, light eyes, and wear silver jewelry.  Warm tones are green, brown, yellow, and red.  You may be fair to medium in complexion and wear more gold jewelry.  Be sure and let your stylist know if you prefer to be warm or cool, it will determine which colors they choose.  I am a Warm Blonde myself, check out these Cool and Warm Blonde Celebs!

Jen and Cam Warming it Up

Gwen and Naomi Keeping it Cool

Crown or Full:  Highlights can be placed just on the crown or all over your head.  Just maintaining the crown is easier and less timely.  You can always mix in a few highlights underneath so you will have something under there when your hair is up in a ponytail.  I choose to just highlight my crown and throw in a few highlights underneath.

Mix it Up:  I highly recommend mixing in two to three shades of blonde with highlights and lowlights.  I get light blonde and honey highlights and mix in lowlights that are the same color as my "natural" underneath base color (an auburny light brown/dark blonde color).  This also gives you more of a "natural blonde" look with dimension and is so much easier to maintain.

How Often:  You can get into a routine of getting highlights and a base break every 10 to 12 weeks switching off between the two with less visits in the summer and more in the winter months.  I stretch it out as long as I possibly can getting my highlights/lowlights then about 12 weeks later getting a base break (which just lifts your color and gets rid of your roots) then highlights/less lowlights again another 8 weeks later.  This is my routine and it works out great!  It keeps my highlights light and fresh for a total of 20 weeks between each long highlighting session which is amazing!  Plus it saves me lots of time in the chair because it takes over 3 hours to highlight my super thick mane and only 1 hour to break my base…not to mention the extra moo-la in my pocket!

Maintain:  You must take extra good care of your blonde locks to make them last longer.  Check out my "Hair Strengthening Program" post to get some advice on how to do that successfully.  Remember to treat your hair like a piece of fine lace especially after such an investment of your money and time.  It's well worth it!

My Inspirational Blondes

Blake and Bridget = Beautiful

To get the Best Blonde Treatment of all while having Tons of Fun, Head to Allure Salon and see Amber.  She is a my personal stylist, friend, and truly amazing at her craft! 

Beaucoup D'Amour, 

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