New Year, New Goals

So each New Year I like to come up with New Goals.  I'm giving you a look at last year's and how I did and what's on the Agenda for 2012.  I Love a Fresh Start..We get another Chance to Do it Right!


~Start a Blog~

Im so happy that I finally was able to start my blog last year. Beau Vie all came together in an airport when my hubby and I had a long layover (typical:).  I decided after much encouragement, I had to just do it!  The feedback I have received from all of the readers has been amazing and is what continues to encourage me to keep it going.  Please Continue to Read, Leave Comments so I know you are reading, or even better Follow Me so I know you want to continue to Read! I truly love sharing my thoughts and inspirations with everyone each week. 

~Play Tennis~

 I finally picked up the racket again after a long break and started taking tennis lessons again which led to me joining a 3.5 Women's League. It has been so much fun! I love the matches and clinics each week plus it's been great exercise and I've met some wonderful ladies along the way.  I can't wait for the Spring Season to start in a couple more weeks.

~Learn Piano~
One regret I have is not learning to play a musical instrument so I really gave the piano my best shot last year.  So after a few months of piano lessons I decided this goal was going to have to wait. With work being so busy plus the blog, tennis and Crossfit, I just didn't have the time to commit to another hobby. One day I will play!

~Read More~

This is a goal that was accomplished in the blog department but not with books. This goal is going back on the list for 2012.  Not sure where I will squeeze it in but if I get in bed earlier, something will have to put me to sleep:)


 (a booze free January)

 My husband and I did this a few years ago and it was great! We ended up being so much more productive and did some fun things that we wouldn't normally do... Like horseback riding, skiing in North Carolina, Ice Skating and watching a lot of movies. I'm looking forward to this goal again, it's such a nice fresh start to the new year!

~Eat Clean~
Although I won't go all Paleo like most crossfitters (no processed foods or dairy), I do want to focus most of my meals on meat, fish, veggies and fruit. I have to cut out the bad sweets, I'm addicted! Plus no more fried anything or carb overload on the weekends..Clean, Clean, Clean!

~Crossfit 5 Days a Week at 6am~

 Crossfit is my workout of choice, check out my previous blog post to learn more, and I plan on stepping it up this year. I typically go to Crossfit now 3 days a week after work so tennis is a conflict on those other 2 days. Also, with my work getting so busy, I need to get it out of the way in the AM.  I'm not a morning person but for some reason getting my workouts over with is so worth the pain of the 5:30am alarm.  So I'll be Crossfitting 5 days a week in the AM, Playing Tennis 2 nights a week in the PM, Running the Bridge on the Weekends to prepare for a Half Marathon, and did I mention I want to start trying the Barre Classes or Pilates to help Stretch me Out?  Not sure how this is going to Work but we shall see!

~$pend Smart~

I need to be more conscious of my spending habits and make sure I'm not buying any unnecessary items. Whatever I don't spend goes into our travel fund which is a major incentive…My goal is to be able to visit my husband in China and Budapest while he is traveling for school. handbag or plane ticket to Beijing?  That's easy, I can do it!

~Run a Half-Marathon~
This is something My Hubby and I both want to do this year and the Kiawah Island Half in December would be perfect!  That gives us the entire year to train :)

I'm excited to have a Clean start to an exciting new year... I have a feeling 2012 is going to be Fantastic!

Beaucoup D'Amour,

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