Fashionable Friday~Style Diary Part One

Getting dressed everyday for me is like playing dress up.  I love it.  Always have, always will.  My mom loves to tell the story of my first day of First Grade when she let me pick out my own outfit.  I chose my fanciest velvet Christmas Dress to flaunt on my first day of school in 100 degree August weather.  I guess I really wanted to make a statement! And then there was Halloween.  I would wear a different costume every hour so I would go home and change in between trick or treating..costume changes were essential when it came to making a great impression on Halloween in my fashionable world. In case you don't get the were a few of those fashion statements I made growing up. Everyday really was Dress Up at my house.

And it Continues to This Day...

My style has definitely evolved over the past few years…I'm now to a point where I absolutely know what my style is and what works best for my body and comfort.  I love dresses, color, jackets and jewelry.  Those are my staples.  I am very feminine and always go for a classic 60's inspired look.  Brigitt Bardot is my Muse.

I just admire her confidence and comfort in her own skin.  That can totally make your style more than any designer piece you can buy.

I've learned that everything I wear needs to be fitted and go in at the waist.    Baggy does nothing for my figure and the hem on my skirt must always fall above the knee..pants are almost obsolete from my wardrobe.  I'm definitely more comfortable in a dress or skirt and I almost always throw a fitted blazer or jacket on top of everything.  I think it pulls the entire look together and gives it more polish.  

I'm inspired mostly by the blogs I read and pictures I see online or in magazines.  Atlantic-Pacific is the blog I read or really look at daily.  I'm so inspired by the way she mixes and matches prints, stripes and color and she always has an incredible polish to her overall look.  She continues to inspire me to put different looks together each day and use my pieces in new and fun ways.  My dream is to one day have a closet with her looks wallpapered all the way around the room so I can use her as my inspiration to get dressed each day…how fun would that be?

One thing those closest to me know is that I am an extremely thrifty shopper and score almost all of my items at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Target or Consignment Shops (Butterfly is my fave).  Part of the fun of getting dressed up everyday is knowing that I found an incredible piece at an amazing price.  I love to dig to find beautiful things.

I hope you find my Style Diary Inspirational...
I will continue to showcase new and fun ways to play dress up each day in this ongoing series.

Laundry Tweed Dress (TJ Maxx) Tweed Jacket (Urban Outfitters) House of Harlow Shades (TJ Maxx).
I always go for Tweed Items because they remind me of Chanel.
Printed Top (Diane Von Furstenberg-Consignment Shop) Printed Dress (Banana Republic-Consignment Shop).
Cheap Prints look Cheap.  Go for higher end designs.
Yellow Top (Target) Cream Skirt (Target) Jewels (Jcrew Outlet).
Know what "Your Color" (the color everyone tells you you look good in) is and buy it.
Tory Burch Printed Top (Saks Outlet) Banana Republic Skirt (Consignment Shop) Jewels (necklace Jcrew outlet ring is old).
Jessica Simpson Yellow Dress (TJ Maxx) Lauren Conrad Grey Blazer (Kohls) Belt (Target).
Cinch your dresses at the waist with skinny belts.
Trina Turk Tweed Blazer (Consignment Shop) Pink Cynthia Steffe Dress (TJ Maxx) Jewels (pearls are Old).
Jcrew Pink Seersucker Blazer (Consignment Shop) Banana Republic Black Button-Up (Consignment Shop) Jewels (Jennifer Zeuner Initial Necklace).
Striped Tee (Forever 21) Coral Jeans (Saks Outlet) Jewels (Jcrew outlet).
Striped Tee (Forever 21) Citrine Skirt (Jcrew Outlet)  Precious Niece Louisa (heaven).
Trina Turk Dress (Consignment Shop).
BCBG Cap Sleeved Blazer (BCBG Outlet) Polka Dot Ruffle Top (Jcrew Outlet) Citrine Skirt (Jcrew Outlet).
Beaucoup D'Amour,


  1. Love every single outfit! You are so good at mixing prints, patterns and colors!

    1. Thanks so much Natalie:) I have fun with it! Your outfits and obsessions inspire me as well.


  2. Really like your blog!
    A wonderful post!

    Have you got an account in instagram?
    If yes, write me your name!

    1. Thanks so much! Yes, I love instagram:) I'm @megananncurtis. Thanks for stopping by.