Thursday Tutorial~The Piece-y Pony

So if you have not checked out The Beauty Department yet, you are missing out!! This awesome website is full of wonderful tips and tutorials about Beauty and was founded by Lauren Conrad's Hair and Makeup team Kristen Ess and Amy Nadine.  They are seriously the beauty world gurus and even LC makes an appearance here and there and offers her advice on different looks.  I always love her hair and makeup so I find a lot of inspiration for new ideas here. 

I'm always willing to change up my look whether it's with a different hairstyle, a fun manicure or a bright lipstick so this is my go to place for all of that beauty stuff that I just crave!  They do such a good job with giving step by step instructions and corresponding pictures to make it easier for you to re-create these looks at home.  Give it a shot!

~Here is the most recent tutorial I tried~

~My Take on The Piece-y Pony~

~I challenge you to Spice it up and give a new Look a Try..why not?~

Beaucoup D'Amour,

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  1. That is so pretty!!! I am terrible at doing my hair though. Maybe I will try this some day!