Want it Wednesday~Candles

So I am obsessed with Archipelago Charleston Candles but at $25 dollars a piece I can't go buying these all the time.  They do make really nice gifts and include a little box of matches inside.  This amazing candle is a blend of white jasmine, hyacinth and tuberose.  Seriously, my all time fave!  I wish my entire house smelled like this all the time.

However, at a recent Target trip, I picked up this $10 dollar candle that is a mix of Gardenia and Lily and it is oh so good!  It reminds me of the Charleston candle although it has different notes but it is the same fresh and clean smell that I love.  They come in the large jars which are good for the kitchen and living room and the smaller jars that I use for the bathroom.  This is a steal on a super yummy scent!

Beaucoup D'Amour, 

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