Want it Wednesday~Hunter Boots

With all the rain we have been having lately it seems like Hunter Boots or Wellies as the British call them have become absolutely necessary.  Not only are they extremely functional, they are also very fashion forward and make the ultimate statement on a dreary day. I can't help but smile when the words function and fashion are used in the same sentence :)

These Wellies have been seen on all the Celebs.  They take you from a music festival in the mud and dirt to the snowy mountains on a ski trip and back to your average rainy day all while keeping you dry and maintaining their durability.

Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Julianne Moore, Kate Moss and Reese Witherspoon.
 Hunter Boots come in many different styles however the most popular is the Original Tall Gloss.  This boot comes in 19 different colors and has a high shine finish which keeps them looking good after a lot of wear and tear.  All you have to do is wipe them down and they will keep their polish.  They retail for $135 which I know is way expensive for a pair of rain boots but keep in mind these are a true investment piece for your wardrobe.  They are something you will have for years and an item you will see the true value in after they get a lot of mileage and maintain their quality.  

I've had my eye on these babies for a long time...I just could not decide which color to get!  Blair Eadie of Atlantic Pacific is inspiring how she pairs her boots with so many great looks.  She proves rainy days do not have to be so drab!

I also love this look from  Bits of Sparkle

I ended up going with…

The Original Gloss Wellies in Violet.  I scored them on Ebay!! 

We can't forget about the boys (if they're brave enough) and the little ones..

Penn Badgley

Prince Harry and Princess Kate

Jennifer Garner, Michelle Williams and their girls.

Sarah Jessica Parker and her son.

~Happy Hunting~

Beaucoup D'Amour,


  1. Why is Prince Harry always with Princess Kate? Love this post!! I'm sick of soggy feet during a jam packed therapy day! Gotta love DT on a rainy high tide kind of day :)

  2. Hunter Wellies, the name utilized much of the time, are not another brand by any means, only another pattern setting proclamation. The brand has been around since 1856. These unique rain boots were made to last and were utilized as working boots that could bear any atmosphere condition. Fundamentally ranchers and stable laborers wore them.

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