Tip for Thursday~BB Body Cream

After being so obsessed with my new Garnier BB Cream for the face, I knew I had to try the new Jergans BB Cream for the body.  I am now OBSESSED with this too.  Let me tell you why..

It's a very thick cream so it's super hydrating.   Plus-it instantly illuminates the skin with a subtle sheen.  It evens out the skin tone, hides any imperfections and firms the skin ALL within a week!  It comes in light and medium/dark.  I went with light and I let it dry after I put it on before I get dressed.  

See how the above model has a subtle glow?  That's what this stuff does!  Perfect for summertime and will cost you $12.  I would say this is a must try.

Beaucoup D'Amour, 

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