Must Have Monday~Egyptian Magic and Aztec Secret

Everything about Egyptian Magic and Aztec Secret just feels natural and right.  I couldn't help but purchase both of these products after reading rave reviews and knowing it would cost me very little. I also love how they are sold at my local health food store. They guarantee results and after using them myself, I can tell you they absolutely deliver!

I purchased Egyptian Magic all purpose skin cream from whole foods for $36 bucks 6 months ago~sorry so late on posting my results.  I really like to give a product a fair test and room for results before I recommend it.  I'll be completely honest, the product changed my life!  I always thought I had extremely oily skin and the only way to improve it was to strip the moisture out of it.  I was stripping it so much that I was over-producing oil so it was a vicious cycle of breakouts, dryness and redness.  Last fall I decided after never having consistently good skin even though I had tried every prescription and over the counter product under the sun that I was going to stop everything and just moisturize.  Moisturize! That is really the secret to great skin.  

I began by using the Egyptian Magic every other night.  I use only a small amount and rub it between my palms then slather it all of my face, under my eyes and even on my lips.  It's also great on feet, elbows, knees and anywhere else that needs an extra dose of moisture.  It does look and feel a little like Vaseline so it's a little scary putting this all over when you think you have oily skin.  I did not breakout and I was immediately obsessed!  I've continued this routine for 6 months and my skin has never looked better.  Another huge benefit is that I'm not even a quarter of the way through my tub.  One tub could seriously last you for years!  So if you are oily, combo or dry-doesn't matter-you have to try Egyptian Magic.  No wonder Madonna swears by this stuff and looks so damn good.

I also purchased Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay for $8 bucks last week from Earthfare after ready Megan's recommendation on Style me Swanky.  I mixed a small amount of it with water and put all of my face as thick as I could get it.  You can also mix it with Apple Cider Vinegar which I would like to try.  

It looks like this after you put it on.

I left the mask on for 20 minutes until it was all completely dry and very hard.  Your face will start to feel an intense tingling sensation.   Your face will be so hard to move and you will look extremely scary like this.

I then washed it off with warm water.  My face was red for a couple hours after that but when I looked into my magnifying mirror, all of my pores especially those hard to get areas around the nose, were completely clear.  This mask seriously sucks all the crud out of your face leaving you smooth skin and super clean pores. The results are very similar to Microdermabrasion in my opinion and that costs $100 bucks a treatment! I cannot get enough of this Aztec Secret.  I think 1-2 times a week is plenty and a tub will last you like forever. 

If you purchase anything for your face, it's gotta be these two products.  You can order them on Amazon for under $40!  Seriously?  That's freaking crazy!  

In all realness here I am-not photo ready, no filter and sitting at Starbucks right now typing this post-to give you an idea of how my skin is looking these days.  All I have on is a little tinted moisturizer and bronzer.  I'm giving all the cred to these two products plus my Clarisonic-but that's for another post:)

Beaucoup D'Amour,