Blue Belle

Photos by Gina Cordoba 

I was feeling some Blue this weekend from my shades to my dress all the way down to my blue toes.  I was never really a Blue kinda girl, I always thought I was a Pink girl.  Maybe because growing up my mom would always dress my sister in the blue and me in the pink.  Matching dresses of course. It's funny how the little things we remember growing up seem to stick with us.  

Just this year something changed and I became Blue obsessed.  It has quickly become one of my absolute favorite colors and I just can't seem to get enough Blue into my wardrobe these days. 

This is such a beautiful park and memorial dedicated to the countless military personnel and civilians who served the Charleston region when the Naval Base was operational-it closed in 1996 after 95 years.  Truly a hidden gem in this city that honors our military so beautifully.  

-found for a steal at local TJ Maxx-
Shop Rebecca Taylor local at Hampden

Shop Rag & Bone local at Hampden

Bought local at Sunglass Hut

Favorite vintage hand-me-down from my Mom 

Tease the front two sections of hair around the face then smooth them out and pull back and bring together with bobby pins.  Crisscross the bobby pins to give it some hold.  

Beaucoup D'Amour, 

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