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I was so excited to decorate our little powder room and found lots of inspiration and ideas online.  This is the one space in your home where you can break all the rules and go a little crazy.  These little jewel boxes may be tiny but you can trick them out to wow any guest!

Check out Mine...

 This vanity, mirror and lights were already here when we moved in.  Not what I would pick out but I don't mind it.  I love the idea of fresh flowers in the bathroom but they won't last so I went with lucky bamboo in an oversized crystal vase because it lasts forever.  It's also nice to keep a super yummy smelling soap in a pretty little dish with a good looking hand towel for your guests.
~Look for the vase, soap and dish at TJ Maxx.  I like Target's selecton of hand towels and floor mats~

The color on the walls is Olympic Sarsaparilla.  I wanted a very rich dark brown to contrast with the light colored vanity and this color is just that.

The beautiful rose is by Benini, a famous contemporary artist who spent a lot of time in Arkansas where I was raised.  He is known around the world for his beautiful life like rose paintings and I absolutlely adore mine.  It is definitely the treasure in this little jewel box.

I love artwork in the powder room and we were fortunate enough to receive these beautiful water color paintings from a good friend as a wedding gift.  They are by New Orleans artist, Susan Woodard, and are exact replicas of pictures from our wedding day.  These are so special to us and all of our guests always ask me where we got them done.  Now I'm happy I can share with everyone.

Inspiration for Yours...

This is where I got the inspiration for the dark chocolate brown walls.  I love the wallpaper!  Check out my previous post on where to find some at a great price.

Love the idea of using a dresser as the vanity.  It looks more like furniture than a sink which is great.  Very cool hardware and sconces.  Choose a unique mirror like this one.

Fresh Flowers,  Vessel Sink and again awesome wallpaper and sconces.  Notice how the hardware was updated for something more modern and sleek.

Clean is good, less is more.

This wallpaper is pretty trippy but so fun.   Remember, no rules apply in the powder room!

~I hope you are now inspired to make a Bold and Beautiful Statement in your Powder Rooms~

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